I marched to show that the women of this country will not stand by and watch their rights to safe, affordable, accessible health care be taken from them by a group of men who will never have to make the kinds of reproductive choices that the women of this country – and the world over – make every day. I marched because I want a future where any daughters that I may have will be judged by their intelligence, humor, and strength rather than their smile, hair, or body. Where those same daughters can walk on our streets at night without keys between their fingers or mace in their purse. A future where they will have the right to have children when, where, and how they choose, safely and with kind support. Where they will be guaranteed the same salary as a man with the same qualifications and job title. I marched because I want a world that is better for my future children than one where women are treated as less than men and rape victims are blamed for their assaults while rapists are merely given a slap on the wrist. We, as a nation, can and should be better. That is why I marched.