‘Every person is deeply valuable’

I marched because I believe women’s rights are human rights.

Our government consistently denies women, queer people, people of color, people with disabilities, and low-income people basic rights and that’s not OK. Men of color, women, especially women of color, make less money than white men for doing the same job.

Muslims are victims of terror MUCH more frequently than being the aggressors of violence. Physically and mentally ill people don’t get the help they need because Medicaid has not been expanded.

People of color are consistently killed by police officers. Immigrants don’t feel safe or welcome. Land and culture of Native people are not respected. People with disabilities are denied accommodations because others call it “not fair” that some get special treatment.

I marched because I demand comprehensive sex education — including information about contraceptives and consent. I marched because I believe every person is deeply valuable. I marched because I want police to stop killing civilians. I marched because our officials need to prioritize safety, health, and our basic human rights.