Sexual assault should not be excused

I was not able to march, but I was overwhelmed by the unity I saw. Millions of people marched, peacefully, all over the nation, for all kinds of things pertaining to women’s rights.

As a victim of sexual assault, I was extremely troubled by Donald Trump’s remarks about grabbing women and doing what he wants without asking permission. I was even more troubled to see and hear his lack of remorse for it all. Furthermore, PEOPLE DEFENDED HIM calling it “locker room talk.” Even the, now-First Lady shrugged it off as if it were nothing. Sexual assault is not normal! Sexual assault is not a privilege for rich white men! Sexual assault is not “locker room talk”!

There were many messages that I supported in the women’s march, but the one that hits closest to home, for me, was that it is not okay to shrug off this disgusting behavior. Men and women need to send a better message to our children.