I Couldn’t March – But I Care. Deeply.

I was not able to make it to a march but was excited to see so many around the WORLD expressing their thoughts and feelings. While not everyone marched for the same reason, emotions are high in this country right now. If I had marched it would be because I think Donald Trump is a lying narcissist who doesn’t listen to anyone except the cable news broadcasters. I would have marched because I am concerned about lawmakers changing my healthcare without a better plan in place. I’m worried about my senators not LISTENING to their constituents and their concerns over cabinet nominees who are clearly unqualified do the job set in front of them. I’m worried that we have a president who LOST the popular vote and can’t seem to wrap his head around that, or a long list of other FACTS that he just doesn’t like. I HOPE that our elected officials can keep their heads about them and get down to the work of representing the people of Nebraska and making good decisions for our state and country. Lord knows the president isn’t going to do it.