I March in Opposition of the New Administration

Trump’s campaign was so ugly. The bigotry, racism, mocking of the disabled, xenophobia toward non-white Americans, and his misogyny and boasting of sexual assault makes him unfit. The sexual assaulter ran against the most capable candidate I have seen run but she was a woman. The republicans had spent millions falsely accusing her of nothing, yet investigating in search of something always coming up empty. Even the FBI went to extraordinary lengths departing from usual norms to imply Hillary was guilty of something. The sexist press was complicit. I didn’t want the country my granddaughters were growing up in to be so objectifying of women. I feared for the country Trump and the Republicans were fighting to create. In addition, Republicans have never been good for the economy beginning with Reagan through the recession of “W”. Running up the deficit, catering to large corporations at the expense of workers and small businesses. Women were maligned and treated as second class citizens by the Republicans. They are so obsessed with controlling women’s bodies, not allowing government funds to pay for contraceptives, abortions, and regular health necessities, while allowing funds for unnecessary treatments and drugs for men. Trump’s career, lack of transparency, lies simply make him unfit to serve as anything other than his own boss. Even then he only succeeds by not paying bills, abusing bankruptcy laws and exploiting foreign workers. He is simply unfit and will do so much harm to the country. Republicans are so lacking in compassion, morals and ethics.