We needed to know we are not alone

I marched because I wanted to show my son that women are strong and fierce. I marched because I do not support any of the new administration’s policies. I marched because America is already great; made so by women, immigrants, all different races and religions, including non-religious people. I marched because love is love and black lives matter. I marched because, like many of us, I felt heartbroken and betrayed on election night. For weeks after that day I could hardly look people in the eye. I couldn’t stop wondering if the people I’ve lived around for my entire life felt like my life was less valuable because of my gender, that my partner and son’s lives were less valuable because of their race, that my best friend’s life was less valuable because of who he loves. I needed to know, and I needed my family to know, that we were not alone. I needed to turn my despair into hope. I needed to remind myself that, even in this almost hopelessly red state, there are people that truly care about other people, without exception. That is why my family and I marched.