I Had to March; There was No Question Whether I Should

Photo Credit – Sara Sawatzki, Open Road Photographer 2017

I am a Mother, Grandmother, Spouse, Aunt, Cousin, Daughter, Granddaughter and organic farmer (for 25 years).

I had to march; there was no question whether I should. I’ll be 70 years old in July and I have experienced the women’s rights movement and what was fought for in the 60’s. I’ve seen women’s rights slowly evolve so women have so many choices not thought possible for my generation. To see our rights erode for my daughters, seven granddaughters, and all women of all religions, cultures, sexuality, economic status is not acceptable. We have much more to do and shouldn’t have to be spending our time defending our rights that we have. We do not have equal pay, no matter what white males say.

I marched for environmental and social justice. A healthy and social environment will help ensure a positive future for future generations, men and women.