I Marched for Women’s Rights

Say what you want, but women are not treated equally.

I’ll never forget times I’ve learned (twice now) that a male coworker who had less experience than me made more money than I did.

Or when I took a 12-week unpaid maternity leave after having my son and my boss snarkily referred to it as a vacation when I returned.

Or when I was roofied at a bar by a friend of a friend and was almost assaulted.

Or when men speak over me during meetings.

Or when my ideas aren’t taken seriously.

Or when I’ve had to ask a male coworker to present an idea for me because I knew it would be given more merit simply because it was coming from “one of the guys”.

Or when I’ve been labeled as aggressive and bitchy at work for behaviors that would be labeled as leadership if they came from a man.

Or when teachers, professors, and bosses have hit on me and put me in uncomfortable, inappropriate situations and suggested I would “benefit” in some way if I compromised my integrity.

Or when my ass was grabbed while waitressing.

Or when I walk somewhere alone at night with my keys between my fingers like Wolverine and have to be hyper vigilant due to the danger of being assaulted.

Or when people I work with don’t think I can excel at my job because I am the mother of 2 young children.

I could list every transgression I’ve suffered, but that’s not the point. I will be the first to admit that I have had a privileged life. Many more women have suffered and endured far more than I could ever imagine.

Until women are truly, unequivocally equal, we will continue to fight for these rights. THAT, is why we marched!