For Those Who Don’t Have the Same Privileges and Opportunities That I Do

For my English Language Learner (ELL) students and my friends’ spouses who weren’t born in America. They should know they are welcome here and we love them.

For my DREAMer friends who are well-educated, hard-working people, not the rapists and murders the president makes them out to be.

For my LBTQ+ friends and family, who finally received the right to marry but could see their rights taken away or limited.

For victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, because you matter. It’s not a joke no matter what the president says or tweets.

For my nephew on the autism spectrum and all those with developmental or physical disabilities – no one should make you feel less than you are, especially the president.

For access to women’s preventive screenings, because at 25 I had a high risk of cervical cancer and had to have cervix cells removed to protect my future.

For a choice on when or if I have children. This has allowed me to earn a four-year degree, pay off my student loans, build a career, travel the world, enjoy time with my spouse, save for retirement, buy a house, and volunteer my time and talents in excess.

For access to affordable healthcare. I, and many others, will spend 30 years of our lives managing our reproductive healthcare, so access is crucial.

For all the women (and men) who don’t have the same privileges and opportunities that I do. You matter, I think of you often and I will fight for you.

I Believe in Equal Rights

I didn’t march but I understand why many did. The reason I feel the Women’s March was important is because so many people believe women’s rights are only about abortion. I am not pro-abortion but I am pro-women’s health and women’s rights. I believe in providing services to those who need them. I believe in educating our young people about sex and the prevention of pregnancy and disease. I believe in equal opportunity and pay. We have come a long way but we are not there yet. I believe that women must continue to fight for their autonomy and continue to speak up so the current administration understands that we will not allow our rights to be stripped from us.