All people deserve equality

I marched because I believe that all people deserve equity. I am sick of people being discriminated against. We are all people of this country and deserve to be treated as such. I marched for women rights, LBGTQIA+ rights, disabled persons rights, immigration rights, refugee rights, and racial rights.

We’re paying attention

Social bonds. To be an example for my children. To feel less alone in a “red state”. I marched for women’s equality, for black lives, for immigration, for clean water, for equal rights for fathers, for public schools, for free press, and to show the elected members of this state, and our president/administration, that we are HERE. We’re paying attention. We’re watching how you vote. We will not be silent. We won’t forget your actions come election time.

Reproductive rights, immigration, ACA

Reproductive rights, immigration, ACA

For women’s reproductive rights and defense of Roe V. Wade,, to protest defunding Planned Parenthood, immigration – no muslim registry! As a breast cancer survivor I am very concerned about the repeal of the ACA and the various protections it provides and the consequences of the repeal. We need to keep no pre-existing conditions, no coverage cap, no higher premiums for females and keeping our kids on til age 26.