The salvation of the state is the watchfulness of the citizens

“THE SALVATION OF THE STATE IS THE WATCHFULNESS OF THE CITIZENS” – a quote from Alexander Hartley Burron on the edifice of the Nebraska State Capitol building.

I walked because in the richest nation on earth no one should have to go without the health care they need.
I walked because I don’t want our Grandson or anyone’s grandsons, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, parents have to fight a war that was started by a President that listens only to a chosen few who have no expertise at the same time refusing to listen to those who do.
I walk because I want a President that obeys the Constitution.  One example: divest himself of his financial interest.
I walk because I want a President that believes in the rule of law.
I walked because I don’t want parents to have the difficult task of convincing their children that they should not bully, disparage, or call people names when the President of our nation has and continues to do so.
I walked because I want a president that does not rain disrespect and retribution on those who do not agree with him.
I walked because I want a President who is respectful of our neighboring countries, friends and allies.
I walked because I want a government that is respectful and accepting of all people no matter their skin color or their religion.
I walked because I want a government that understands that global warming is in fact true and the results will be catastrophic for our children and grandchildren.
I walked because money is not speech and corporations are not people.
I walked because I do not want a Governor using his independent wealth to politicize the Unicameral and get elected only people that are beholden to him.
I walked because the Unicameral is being pushed to becoming a partisan body instead of a body that works together for the good of all Nebraskans.
I walked because I want a government, both state and national, that works for the good of its citizens not the wealthy and corporations.
I walked because I want a government that protects the citizens, not corporations, and works to do for the people what they can not do for themselves.
I walked because I want a government that wants its citizens to have clean air, clean water, safe food, safe transportation, etc.
I walked because privatization is not the answer to our schools, our road system, our postal system, etc.
I walked because a woman should have the right to make her own decisions concerning her body.
I walked for my husband and all those others who could not make the march but would have been there if it had not been for their circumstances.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.” – Edmon Burke

I am concerned about reproductive rights and health care.

I participated in the march in my hometown of Loup City, NE. Like many women, I felt compelled to simply take any action to demonstrate the frustration and concern I’ve been feeling lately. Some of the frustration stemmed from anger over comments and/or behavior towards women the President had demonstrated in his past or during the campaign. Some of it was specifically tied to concerns about reproductive rights and health care. And some also extended beyond specifically women’s issues to equality across the board, for LGBT citizens, immigrants, and other minority groups.

A Dangerous President

Photo Credit – Sara Sawatzki, Open Road Photographer 2017

I, a western Nebraskan, am asking you, my representatives and Senators, why we citizens need to go down with the current USA President? Who is controlling the President–Bannon or Putin?

Why does the President’s counselor and press secretary lie for him almost daily?

What does Putin have over the President that we do not yet know?

Why does the President think building a wall would be beneficial to anyone?

Why did the President have such a vengeance toward Gold Star father Khizr Khan that he put a ban on Muslims entering the country?

Why would you agree to have a pipeline that can endanger our state’s aquifer?

Why does the President use negativity and scare tactics to make his sick points?

Why don’t you pay attention to what Bannon and the President are doing while they set up a smoke screen of Tweets and executive orders?


An Oututpouring of Love and Respect for All Womanhood

Photo Credit – Sara Sawatzki, Open Road Photographer 2017

My story probably isn’t too different from others. On election night when it became clear that DJT would be the new president, I vowed to do what I could to oppose this demagogue and his bigotry, misogyny, and xenophobia and for all others that will be marginalized. I had never protested before but really wanted to participate in the Women’s March so when a woman friend called the morning of the march and asked, “Do you want to go?” I said “Yes,” and we jumped into the car and began the one hour trip to Lincoln! What a great experience to find so many others who feel the same as I do. I was amazed and energized by men marching for and with their wives, mothers, daughters and sisters. What an outpouring of love and respect for all womanhood!

“My rights don’t matter unless everyone’s rights matter”

I marched because I will not contribute to normalizing a man and his political party who have spread hate…for women, for minorities, for disabled, for sexual assault survivors, for people whose religion doesn’t match their own. It is not normal and it will never be normal.

I marched because I have three little nieces who deserve to grow up in a world where women are treated equally and whose sex can’t be used as a “pre-existing condition.” Girls who deserve to see powerful women running the world.

I marched because I refuse to accept that it’s okay for men to consistently beat out women who are more qualified than them for professional positions.

I marched because joking about and/or participating in sexual harassment, sexual assault, and abuse should NEVER be okay and should be disqualifying for someone in the highest office.

I marched because I will never side with people who support spreading hate to people because of their race, religion or sexual orientation.

I marched for all my LGBT friends who are scared that their right to get married will be taken away from them and that they will be allowed to be discriminated against for who they love.

I marched because it is 2017 and making fun of disabled people by a man who has had 70 years to learn that that is not acceptable is NOT OKAY.

I marched because I’ve spent an entire year dedicated to helping refugees from around the world who are escaping for their lives…From the month I spent volunteering in Lesvos, Greece, to welcoming a refugee family into their new home in Lincoln last month. I will never give in to fearmongering and xenophobia. I will never back down from supporting their human rights.

I marched because neutrality helps the oppressor, never the oppressed.

I marched because my rights don’t matter unless everyone’s rights matter.

I care

I wanted to make sure that my white privilege wasn’t masking the fact THAT I CARE. I care about minorities. I care about lower income families. I care about a women’s right to make decisions regarding her health care. I care that our current President has lashed out and said hateful things to certain groups of people and I want those groups of people to know THAT I CARE.